Q. Do you really compose and record all of the music in your videos?

A. YES! I compose a piece of music around the vocal track (or sometimes not in the case of my tracks with original vocals), arrange the instruments and record them. All of the guitars and bass parts are tracked and played live by me and most of the other instruments I play on my midi keyboard including the drums.

Q. How do you get the isolated vocal tracks that you use in your videos?

A. One word – GOOGLE. I just search for them. The acapella vocals (as they’re called) are often released to DJs so that they can be mixed and re-mixed live in clubs. Those acapella vocals often find their way onto the internet and are fairly easy to find if you look! I don’t use any special software, I just find them already split out.

Q. Are you really hired by the record companies and making a million billion dollars?

A. I wish! Nope. These videos started as a way to entertain myself – I could practice my musical chops and make myself laugh at the same time. It has been a huge bonus and a big surprise that so many people out there love them too and I’ll continue to make them until people stop laughing.

Q. Can you send me an mp3 of your songs PLEASE?!?!?!?

A. Unfortunately not right now. The tracks that utilize original vocals from an artist contain copyrighted material that I do not have the rights to distribute. I’m hoping to be able to put together an album of these cover songs for you guys in the near future but right now I can’t give them out.

Q. Will you do a version of my favorite song ever?

A. Maybe! Just send me your idea in the suggestions tab on the menu above. I promise to read them all but I can’t physically do them all so try and understand if I don’t pick yours.